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Ideas Innovative

Floxxium is based on a progressive philosophy where the customer is king!


Floxxium is the perfect tool to support your strategy. With Floxxium your project will be a success!

ProcessesLatest technologies

Every month there will be a new release. That's why Floxxium has the latest technology.

NetworkAPI & Interfacing

Interfacing with another system? Our beautiful Floxxium API provides mechanisms to build your own interface.

Follow groupsFollow groups

Stay up to date with following relevant groups and persons in Floxxium.


Twexx allows you to communicate to your stakeholders. Reach all relevant persons in one time.


Software to enable your service

We believe in transparency and this is the base of our software philosophy . As a customer you can always check the status of your request, who is responsible for it and what the progress is.

We offer you the possibility to make specific appointments between individuals about service (of course transparent and recorded) instead of predefined service levels. When is something necessary and in what way can we facilitate this? You will choose in what way you will use what kind of medium and when: app on the mobile device, via portals, instant messaging, email or just calling.

Customer service

As a customer service agent you will have all the relevant information in a blink of an eye. You can see what the urgency of the request is, you can refer to the right person and you can give advice based on the request history. Naturally the cooperation between colleagues is very simple.

As a customer service manager you will have an overview of all the outstanding requests. You can see the status of those requests and you have an overview of how busy the several agents and solution groups are

By reporting you can create your own business reports and focus on the most important business.

Happy employees, happy customers, happy people!

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Our team consists of young and passionate employees with full dedication to their work and delivering a good product. They won't go go out of the way for a challenge.

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